Young Adult Pre-Event 

There has always been this ongoing conversation concerning a misrepresented group in the Church Body as a whole. It’s a conversation that’s not new, it’s been on going. Young Adults for years have been lost in the rubble of church affairs, trying to navigate their way through on their own. And so we are finding ourselves in an age where the gaps of refusing to engage Young Adults and their faith are widening to the point where the Church Structure is really feeling the effects. The silence is deafening and the anxiety of leaving behind a lost legacy of faith has become a reality.

So as a way of trying to reverse the outcomes of years of work being left undone, we are extending an invitation to ALL who intend to gather for “2022 Experience It’s Real,” to join us at the Pre-Event July 20, 2022 from 9AM-4PM. The Pre-Event will offer you an opportunity to engage in discussion(s) centered around, but not limited to “Millennials And The 2022 Church!” This event is not just limited to Young Adults, but it is extended to EVERYONE who plans to register for the 2022 Experience. Without all of us gathered, we will continue to play a part in leaving a space left void in the Church Life Experience. There will be tons of opportunities for Millennials and Early Generation Z folks to share and connect with the larger Church Body in a way that reflects what it truly means for the Church to be Intergenerational; ways that are to be reflected not only in numbers, but also in our desire to transform ourselves anew.