Conversation on the 2022 Experience It's Real  

The ministries of National Convocation, NAPAD, and Obra Hispana will come together to listen, learn and worship in a unique experience, the 2022 Experience, with the theme It’s Real! under the scripture of Revelations 7:9-17.  The 2022 Experience will be held July 20-23 on the TCU campus in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Each of these ministries traditionally meets in a biennial celebration, and in 2022, this traditional meeting model will be suspended as these ministries come together in a joint special experience that calls us to gather in one joint event.


Therefore, we solicit your prayers and support. The 2022 Experience, It's Real is not about an event, but about the way we are transformed in relationship and as the Church along the way, from the planning process, to the event, and to whatever comes after. 


We want to be a blessing to the whole church and most of all give glory to God. 


All Are Welcome!

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